“You’d be so much prettier…”

WORST DATE I EVER WENT ON STORYTIME: He looked at me across the dinner table with a straight face and said, “you’d be so much prettier with blue eyes.” 👀 My whole life I wished I had light eyes. I always thought I would stand out ✨ more with light eyes. It was weird to be called out on an insecurity I already had. Oddly, I wasn’t offended though, just in shock.😱 And I knew there wouldn’t be a second date, obviously…even though *throwing some shade here* he did ask for one (I know. I ALSO thought “what the heck dude?!”)🙄 The other day, I got curious and started playing around with photoshop. I even edited my eye color on pictures of me with both hair colors I’ve done in my life. Is it weird for me to believe his opinion was actually WRONG? (No, I’m not asking for YOUR opinion…please don’t give it to me).

As we go into this new year, with hopes of a new sense of self, can we please try not to impress OTHER people with our bodies, workout routines, financial status, relationships, followers, or anything of the sort…and focus instead on keeping ourselves happy/healthy? Now I can look at these pictures and say to myself, “Wow! I love the way Heavenly Father made me, and that makes me happy.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit ashamed that it took me this long to feel that way, though. Learn from me on this one! Whether it’s your appearance, body type, health (or even the lack thereof), relationship status, sexuality, etc. Heavenly Father made you, and He never makes mistakes. No, I’m not saying that I think I’m some hot chick that has no insecurities. However, I think if I had let that comment from 4-ish years ago get me down, I may have tried to change myself in ways that wouldn’t actually make ME happy.

I’m sad to say that I had to edit my eye color in photoshop before I realized it but…I’m happy with brown eyes! Also, I would later learn after meeting my husband, that he apparently always ‘preferred’ brown eyes anyways. That’s an opinion that matters to me, but even then, how I feel about myself is the most important. One of my favorite sayings goes as follows, “The people who mind, don’t matter. The people who matter, don’t mind.” Surround yourself with love this next year. & love yourself, too. 💕

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